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The Forbidden Series Description

I Will Breathe

The year is 2836: 800 years since the great war. Liberty has grown up in this postapocalyptic climate. Her home is an airship built by her adopted father. It has been five years since his death, and each day is just another day of trying to survive in a hostile environment. That is until a dying friend of her father asks if she'll take custody of a small, childlike robot.

Into Forbidden

After Liberty's death, her granddaughter, Harmony, inherits Boy and Airus. Harmony still travels the same routes as her grandmother - until one day when her brother and cousin turn up missing while scavenging for items in the forbidden lands. Fortunately an escaped slave agrees to escort Harmony to the walled-off city called Freedom. While it isn't a place Harmony would normally travel to, she's determined to rescue Walker and Journey from the group of huge, spikelike robots aptly named overseers.

An Ill Wind

A quick trip up the east coast quickly turns into a life-and-death experience for Harmony when hurricane-force winds plunge her airship into the ocean. When Airus drifts upon a tiny island, she is faced with a deflated balloon, two broken robots, a damaged friction engine, and the fear of running out of fresh water. This might be enough to discourage the bravest heart, but Harmony is determined to stay alive. She simply refuses to believe she'll never see her family or Griffin again.

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