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Falter Description

Living on the streets with her father is tough, but Nevaeh Richards soon finds a life immersed in angels and demons is tougher than she could ever imagine.

When her father suddenly becomes ill, Nevaeh's eyes are opened to a world she never knew existed. A war is bleeding into the human realm, and Nev is developing strange new powers that has both sides eager to claim her soul's devotion.

The Devil wants what he wants, though. He commands a demon to take her father's soul hostage.

The cost to save him?

She'll have to surrender to darkness and become something far more evil than the hell chasing her.

As Nevaeh struggles to come up with a solution for saving her father's soul without damning herself...and the world, she is forced to rely on the guidance of a man she's not sure she can trust, and a rogue angel who's keeping secrets about her past.

A gritty, suspenseful story of spiritual warfare, the delicate line between good and evil, and love that might not be enough.

©2016 Haven Cage (P)2019 Haven Cage
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