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Tajael Description


I am an angeling of the light, protector class, assigned to guardian duty. And I am tempted. 

A war brews in the immortal realms between the Angels of Light, created to love and protect humanity, and their ancient enemy, the Fae. The Fae have created a demon plague to stop the humans and their technology from invading the immortal realms. 

I'm tasked with protecting a beautiful scientist who may do exactly that. 

But this duty is fraught with danger. Not due to the demons who hunt her, but because a fall from lust will plunge me into shadow. I've already been marked by the darkness of that realm, and I've vowed never to return. 


I'm a scientist, a physicist, a woman of reason. And I don't believe in angels. My ex broke me in ways I didn't even know I could break. But I've moved on and put the nightmares behind me. 

Now I have work to do, a theory to test, and a billionaire lined up to fund my experiments. If I'm successful, it will change the world. Everything's finally coming together. Then my co-worker attacks me, my hot neighbor saves me, and, suddenly, I'm wondering if there's more to my theories about an extra-dimensional world than I ever suspected. 

Fallen Angels is a follow-up series from the best-selling Fallen Immortals series. It contains sexy, hot angels of light and shadow, and only readers over 18 should dip into the sinfully delicious world of the Fallen Angels series.

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