Fall Of A King

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The False Prince Description

An epic journey of deceit, betrayal, magic, and a treasonous love sets sail as Meath, a young apprentice to the formidable wizard, Ursa, escapes certain death while a freshly united kingdom is held captive by a false prince. 

In hope of relaying the truth of the usurper, who now threatens the throne, Meath embarks on a dangerous journey with the true heiress, Nicolette, in an attempt to reach her uncle before they, too, are entangled in the lie that has wound itself deep into the lands. 

Amidst the soldiers dispatched to return the princess and capture Meath and his friends, they must avoid the barbarian clans who have begun a savage war on the Kingdom of Draco, evading what seems like fate has become a perilous game they may not be able to win....

©2012 James Fuller (P)2021 James Fuller
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