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The Secret of Excalibur Description

Hi, I'm Arthur Merlin. I used to be an ordinary guy, until a freak accident changed my life. Now my friends are afraid of me, and so am I. See, I developed superpowers: telepathy, pyrokinesis and telekinesis, to name a few.

The US government want to control me. But how do you control someone who can teleport anywhere he wants to in a blink of an eye? Fed up with their shenanigans, I head for the Institute of Psychic Research in London.

But something is pulling me; calling me, and I don't know what. I end up at Lake George, where sightings of The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur have been reported. With the help of Dr. Burns and Commander Dobie, we uncover the secrets of the lake, but they're more than anyone imagined.

What will I sacrifice to save the world from Excalibur?

©2014, 2015 Sahara Foley (P)2015 Sahara Foley
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