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A series of tense thrillers following forensic sculptor Eve Duncan in her mission to put a face on the faceless victims of violent crimes and find murderers - including her daughter’s killer.

Eve Duncan became a forensic sculptor after the disappearance of her daughter, whose remains were discovered - decomposed beyond recognition. In her work, she reconstructs the faces of unidentified victims from bare skulls, propelled by her need to recognize the innocent and support the search for their killers. The sensitive nature of her job often puts her at great personal risk and draws her into other people’s tragedies, as she continues to be haunted by her daughter’s death - and ghost. As the series progresses, Eve uncovers dangerous secrets, confronts murderers, and becomes an adoptive mother to an orphan with a troubled past.

Over the course of the series, Eve Duncan is voiced by several skilled readers, including Jennifer Van Dyke, Elisabeth Rodgers, and Bernadette Dunne. Each accomplished narrator breathes life into the mourning mother and driven artist, while deftly navigating the plot’s ebb and flow of tension and depicting the sharp edges of psychopaths, trained killers, and assorted demons.

A #1 New York Times best selling author, Iris Johansen is acclaimed for her thrillers with strong heroines and paranormal elements. Among numerous works of fiction, she is the author of the novel Pandora’s Daughter and creator of the Kendra Michaels detective series. Her second Eve Duncan novel, The Killing Game, was adapted into a 2011 television movie, with Laura Prepon in the lead role.

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