Epic of Haven

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The Great Darkening Description

A dying light, an ancient hope, a coming evil. The Epic of Haven trilogy will compel listeners to journey along in this allegorical tale of poets and priests and warriors and heroes. When the great burning tree of Haven begins to die, leaving the otherwise unlit world of Aeinor in a state of ever-growing darkness, a young man sets upon a quest to discover a new source of light before the unknown evils lurking in the shadows unleash their fury upon the unsuspecting world.

Fear strikes the citizens of Haven at the diminishing of their holy tree, and they determine that the only way to fend off the impending dark is to set about making their own light. There are plenty of trees in the forests of Aeinor to burn. But what happens when the timber has been consumed and the great tree has failed?

Could it be that one will emerge who will uncover the prophecies of old and seek the promised light?

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