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Earth Reclaimed includes the entire trilogy of Earth's Requiem, Earth's Blood, and Earth's Hope. Over 900 pages of award-nominated urban fantasy.

Bestselling, dystopian urban fantasy that's stood the test of time. Available as a boxed set for the first time ever. Not for readers under 18.

Earth's Requiem: Resilient, kickass, and determined, Aislinn Lenear walled herself off from anything that might make her feel again. Until a wolf picks her for a bond mate, and a Celtic god rises out of legend to claim her for his own. Power so old, deep, and chilling it hurts to think about it will overrun Earth if nothing changes. Aislinn gathers allies, putting her life on the line for what she believes in.

Earth's Blood: Clinging to their courage in a crumbling world, Aislinn and Fionn vow to save Earth, no matter what it takes. In a post-apocalyptic world where most people have been slaughtered, the Celtic gods and a few humans with magic are all that stand between survival and Earth falling into chaos. The combination of dark sorcery leveraged by the enemy is daunting.

Destruction is all but certain if the small enclaves of humans who are left can't get past their distrust of the Celts.

Earth's Hope: Aislinn Lenear has traveled a long road since the dark gods invaded Earth better than three years ago. After seeing her father slaughtered in front of her, and her mother sink into madness, she built strong walls around her heart. First her bond wolf, and then Fionn MacCumhaill, changed all that, but she and Fionn are far from home free.

Four of the six dark gods are still sowing destruction, and they’ve joined forces with Lemurians, a desperate lot, running just ahead of the tide of their own mortality. In a bold move, the Lemurians try to coopt a group of young dragons, and very nearly succeed.

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