Drops from the Kingdom

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The Silver Arrow Description

As men gather in a final battle that will determine the fate of mankind in a land torn by war, Isaac looks back on the events that led to this pivotal point as he makes his way with an army of men to the Abyss of Rorrah to fight a being with the power of a god.

Born with a gift, unique to a few, known as Anamerians, Isaac learns that he was a counterpoint on events that affected humanity before it happens.

Trained by a patron named Gabram, he is given charge of an elite group of warriors known as Acklans and sent to find three youths that were their hope of stopping an impending war that if not stopped could end in the annihilation of humanity.

In his quest, Isaac finds himself in a small town where everyone was killed by creatures that appear and disappear without a trace. He finds an only survivor in one of these mysterious attacks - a young man named Samuel who managed to escape - and soon they both discovered how tied their fates are to the oncoming battle.

©2011 Larry Itejere (P)2015 Larry Itejere
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