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Requiem for the Bone Man Description

Requiem for the Bone Man is a moving, compelling first novel, told with the assurance and skill of a born storyteller. It is also a meditation on the art of healing, as seen in the adventures of its unforgettable central character, Dr. Robert Galen. From his youth as a street-smart son of immigrants, to his career as a gifted physician, Galen is tough-minded yet compassionate. Above all, he is deeply human, willing to risk the pain of loss and failure that inevitably comes to those with an unshakable commitment to a vocation and to friends and loved ones.

Author Robert Comunale, himself a doctor, has given us further proof, if any is needed, that fiction can often be the deepest form of truth. (William Gavin, author of One Hell of a Candidate)

©2012 R. A. Comunale MD (P)2018 R. A. Comunale MD
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