Divine Space Gods

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Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies Description

This novella is a parody of The Divine Dissimulation, by the same author. 

Far enough in the future for anything to be conceivable, the ridiculously wealthy and dementia-ridden villain Abraham Goldstein is defrauded by shrewd scientist Jack Brown into funding an implausible "secret" project to travel to heaven and meet God! Against all logic, the machine ends up working, and Abraham finds out the god is dead and that Yahweh, in his suicide letter, was kind enough to leave the schematics for the mind-control chip he used to convince Bronze Age humans he was a god. 

Having these schematics, Abraham sets his mind for a new project: to create an artificial Bronze Age world where he can be god over it's inhabitants. Along the way, he faces many highly amusing scenarios such as problems with the henchmen union, unfortunate calendar mistakes, malfunctioning orbital super weapons, etc. Abraham keeps f--king up things due to his dementia, villainy, incompetent henchmen, and general stupidity until a mentally ill woman shows up out of nowhere and puts and end to Abraham's follies!

©2018 Martin Lundqvist (P)2018 Elaine Hidayat
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