Diary of Hector the Ninja Warrior

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Minecraft Description

My name is Hector; I have dark brown hair, blue eyes, and am told I look more like my Dad than my Mom. I am the fourth and last born of my family, have two older brothers and a sister. We live in a town called Ayeole, in the world of Minecraft, a couple of decades after the legends of Steve and Alex. They had become the world superheroes, with tales of their heroism, love, courage, and bravery being told and retold around the fireplaces of each home, poems have been composed about them to be sung at gatherings, schools, marketplaces and any meeting point.

In fact, the coat of arms of every city (yes, Minecraft now has a league of nations founded by Steve after he had defeated the evil Horobrine). Essentially, this body oversees the affairs of every city ensuring that no city is left undefended, nevertheless, Steve fought very hard to retain the freedom the world of Minecraft gave to everyone to live their life anyhow they wished and he left behind a lasting legacy for us "Absolutely anything is possible."

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