Destroy the Dead

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Destroy the Dead, Book 1 Description

A spin off series of Run from the Dead.


A virus injected into an unknowing victim….

A bite or scratch enough to infect others….

The end of the world?

Dr. Stephanie Simpson read the email over and over. She never expected to hear from Dr. Maxim Ivanov ever again, let alone be responsible for stopping an end of days contagion. It was a joke. Right?

An apocalypse level infection spreading across Europe. Waves of infected crashing over the LIVING, turning everyone into one of them.
Captain Adrian Rogers and his Special Forces team were tasked with keeping the scientists safe long enough to find a cure for the rage and destruction hurtling towards the UK. Ade was due to hand in his notice until he got word of the zombie apocalypse heading their way. Just his luck!

As the world descends into chaos, it’s a race against time for Ade and Steph. Can they stay alive long enough to figure out how to destroy the dead?

Destroy the Dead, Book 1 is a thrilling new post-apocalyptic series set in the same world as Run from the Dead.

Day 1 is always the worst, right?

©2022 Joanne Nundy (P)2023 Joanne Nundy
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