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First Steps Description

Boredom was killing Jay, not in a dramatic way, but in the life of stifled potential way.

He wanted more out of life. Then, without any warning, he found himself part of an experiment with not even so much as the courtesy of a "how do you do?".

It wasn't really all bad, though. The fit, busty babes outnumbered him 30 to one. Now, Jay has to fight to survive. He has to conquer the dungeon or die. On top of that, he has to juggle a bunch of gorgeous women who are all stuck in the same life or death fight as him. If ever there was a time for bonding....

But most confusing of all are the messages in his dreams. Messages that seem to be coming from himself.

This book features unconventional relationships and some sexual content. It is intended for mature listeners.

©2021 David Burke (P)2021 Podium Audio
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