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Set in a small ski resort town in Colorado, this series of mystery thrillers is packed with action and suspense, with a touch of humor.

Even his history in the Special Forces didn’t prepare David Wolf, sergeant of the Sluice County Sheriff Department in Rocky Points, Colorado, for the day he’s having. Between narrowly escaping an attempt on his life, his addict ex-wife reappearing, and muddied waters disrupting his clear shot at becoming sheriff, David already has enough to deal with. Then he gets word that his brother has committed suicide in the Alps of Italy. Travelling to the scene, David has to put the pieces together when something doesn’t quite add up about his brother’s death. Foreign Deceit kicks off this series of thrilling mysteries. Join David as he achieves his goal of becoming sheriff, moves on to become chief detective, takes on cunning, cold-blooded killers, and braves a series of mystery-filled adventures.

Narrator Sean Patrick Hopkins carries the emotions of the characters in his voice as they push through dangerous and thrilling situations. Each character is unique and easy to tell apart as Hopkins moves through countries and continents along with David Wolf. His outstanding narration brings each audiobook to a new level and provides an extra level of enjoyment for the listener. Jump into a world that comes alive with each word.

Best selling author Jeff Carson made his debut as a self-published author with the David Wolf series, which has gained huge popularity and now features more than a dozen novels. Carson draws from his own life in Colorado to make David’s hometown of Rocky Points come to life.

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