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Darcy Burdock Description

It's time for a new cool, all-conquering girl character for tweens - meet Darcy Burdock.

Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life's noticers. Curious, smart as a whip, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her.

In this first book, we are introduced to her family: Mum, whom Darcy loves as much as her favourite, fried egg and chips; Dad, who is kind and fair if a bit hopeless; and little siblings Hector and Poppy, who Darcy likes dressing up in ridiculous outfits and having dance-offs with, respectively. Plus there's her nonbleating pet lamb, Lamb-Beth, and best friend, Will, to have adventures with.

Darcy learns that turning into an Angrosaurus rex and causing chaos just gets her in trouble; trying to run away from home with a reluctant lamb in tow leads to sore kneebows; it's best not to throw a massive strop just before your surprise birthday party; Hallowe'en is all about spider costumes and having a pumpkin with a wonky eye; and if she's ever in a situation at home or at school where she's not sure what to do, she should write a story around it, and the truth will be illuminated by her imagination.

©2013 Laura Dockrill (P)2016 Bolinda
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