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Heir of Shadows Description

Vampire Academy meets X-Men in this completed new adult series!

There’s only one rule in the world I come from: Keep our existence a secret. Period.

The day my sister broke that rule one too many times, I knew there would be consequences. I expected us to be sent to one of those schools for “troubled” kids and, maybe, Daizlei Academy was, in a way.

But really, it was far more complicated than that.

You see, I thought that world had forgotten me. Forgotten us. For years, we were left alone, and one day...we weren’t.

It was only when I got there that I remembered the second rule: Trust no one.

Because, in our world, they would kill me if they knew the truth of what I am.

Daizlei Academy is a school for supernaturals.

And me? I’m so much more.

This is a YA+ academy series with slow-burn romance and a strong but flawed heroine. It is labeled YA(+) for stronger language and some mature situations. As the heroine ages and grows, so does the content of the stories. Heir of Shadows is the first book in the Daizlei Academy Series. 

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