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Cherokee DNA Studies: Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong Description

Most claims of Native American ancestry rest on the mother's ethnicity. This can be verified by a DNA test determining what type of mitochondrial DNA she passed to you. A hundred participants in DNA Consultants multi-phase Cherokee DNA Study did just that. What they had in common is they were previously rejected - by commercial firms, genealogy groups, government agencies and tribes. Their mitochondrial DNA was not classified as Native American. These are the "anomalous" Cherokee. Share the journeys of discovery and self-awareness of these passionate volunteers who defied the experts and are helping write a new chapter in the Peopling of the Americas. 

"The Yateses' DNA findings are revolutionary." (Stephen C. Jett, Atlantic Ocean Crossings)

"Monumental." (Richard L. Thornton, Apalache Foundation)

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