Clan of the Ice Mountains

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Blooded Ground Description

A raven and the sense of growing evil. The Clans have made it to the Rock of the Ancients. Surrounded by the green abundance of their new world, they should feel safe now...but Attu and Rika are dreaming again. Fire surrounds Attu and he must paddle through it. And who is the mourning woman Rika sees? All the wisdom of the Seers can't stop Attu's people from feeling that something very bad is about to happen. Have they reached the safety of land only to be threatened by something even more dangerous than ice bears and melting ocean? Blooded Ground is book two of the Clan of the Ice Mountains series, set in the prehistoric exciting world of Breakaway: Clan of the Ice Mountains.

©2014 Cynthia Bills (P)2017 Cynthia Bills
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