Children of Kria

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Fury Description

I am a seeker of vengeance;
A mender of broken hearts.
I respond to the siren call of loneliness and despair.
I was once a human woman;
Very much like you;
Until my heart was destroyed by the man I loved.
My only purpose now is to avenge those that have been betrayed.
I am Fury....
And hell has nothing on me.

Warning - adult content, violent subject matter

©2014 Charlie Daye (P)2018 Charlie Daye
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    • Children of Kria
    • De : Charlie Daye
    • Lu par : Sophie Daae
    • Durée : 1 h et 45 min
    • Date de publication : 14/08/2018
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    Prix : 6,24 €

  • Prix : 6,24 €