Catherine LeVendeur

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The Difficult Saint Description

Catherine, wife of one-handed Edgar, daughter of a Jewish merchant, and mother of two small children, is a Christian convert. Agnes, her estranged sister, has returned to Paris with the news that she is to marry a German lord. She wants no part of her Jewish family, except the sizable dowry her father can provide.

After Agnes departs for Germany, her family receives terrible news: Agnes's husband has been murdered by poison, and Agnes herself is the prime suspect. Catherine, putting their differences aside, goes undercover in the dangerous anti-Semitic climate of 12th century Germany to save her sister's life and possibly lose her own in the effort.

©1999 Sharan Newman (P)2004 Blackstone Audiobooks
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    Couverture de Death Comes as Epiphany
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    Couverture de The Devil's Door
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    Couverture de The Wandering Arm
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    Couverture de Strong as Death
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    Couverture de Cursed in the Blood
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    Couverture de The Witch in the Well
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