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The Frozen Aisle Description

This isn't your grandma's audiobook!

Carl's Odyssey #1: The Frozen Aisle is the first book in the adventure book series about a little bulb of garlic who's lost in the grocery store and goes on an epic adventure to get back home.

Follow the adventures of our hero, Carl B. Garlic, with amazing voice acting and hilarious sound effects that really bring the story to life!

Carl B. Garlic, our unlikely hero, has no idea how he got lost, he just wants to go home! In order to be shown the way out of The Frozen Aisle, he must first help the frozen aisle's citizens (waffles, tater tots, french fries, corn dogs, ice creams, popsicles, chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, burritos, little pea, and other frozen vegetables, etc.) take a final stand against the roughest, rawest steaks in the whole store - The Porterhouse Gang!

Written in the vein of classic adventure stories like Pixar's Toy Story, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Spongebob Squarepants. Kids ages 0-100 will love this exciting, funny and charming tale. Oh, the places you'll go with our little hero!

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