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A Magnum for Schneider Description

In February 1967, a one-off television drama in the series Armchair Theatre introduced the surly, complex and ferociously downbeat character of David Callan - a professional hit-man working for a very dirty section of British Intelligence. As portrayed by the actor Edward Woodward, Callan was to become an iconic figure of espionage fiction, appearing in novels, a film and an immensely popular television series. This is the first of five novels written by Callan's creator, James Mitchell, featuring his human, but not necessarily pleasant hero.

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  • Volume 1 de la série

    Couverture de A Magnum for Schneider
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    Couverture de Russian Roulette
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  • Volume 4 de la série

    Couverture de Smear Job
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    Couverture de Bonfire Night
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