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Judson Law - Evil Men Die Alone Description

Tom Kidman wasn’t afraid of dying, just of dying alone. He’d seen far too many men during the war pass to the great beyond with no family member or friend beside him. That and that alone was the only thing Tom was scared of. However, he thought that was the fitting way for an evil man to die. 

Judson Law was a bounty hunter; fearless and mean as a snake. He had only one passion - his loyal four-legged furry companion, a mutt named Hudson. When Hudson was bitten by a rattler while saving Judson, Law took no time to get his only friend to the doctor, booting a patient out of the way so the doc could get right to work. 

Kidman didn’t take kindly to that fact, for the patient Law had insisted his dog be treated before was none other than Kidman’s cousin. To Kidman and Law both, family came first. Kidman sought revenge for the outrageous treatment of his kin, leaving Judson Law bound and staked out for the buzzards. Hudson, in the throes of his last moments of life, saved his friend in the nick of time before death took him. It was then Law’s turn for revenge.

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