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Botanicaust Description

The only crop left is human....

Genetic modification has rendered Earth's croplands barren. Some survivors turned to science. Some turned to God. Some turned to the unthinkable. 

Dr. Tula Macoby is a proud member of the Haldanian Protectorate, a compound built by those who believe humanity must embrace the same technology that caused the apocalypse. Bioengineered with photosynthetic skin, their mission is to eliminate the cannibalism ruling the world outside the safety of its walls, one conversion at a time. 

When a prisoner who is obviously not a cannibal arrives in Tula's lab speaking a language she's never heard before, she's intrigued. His gentle but firm refusal to be genetically modified makes her question for the first time the Protectorate's policy of euthanizing anyone who won't convert. 

But the law is clear: Savages who refuse the modification must be exterminated. 

With time running out, will Tula risk everything to save the stranger from execution? 

(This audiobook contains adult situations: sex, violence, drug references, and murder. You’ve been warned.)

Eerily plausible, Botanicaust is a must-hear for any lover of science fiction, dystopia, and post-apocalyptic fiction.

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