Boo Done It

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Talking to the Dead Guys Description

Talking to the Dead Guys is the cozy murder mystery Agatha Christie would have written if she'd lived in Texas, or liked barbecue, or ever met a dog like Boo Radley.

Olive Sommers didn't set out to solve a murder, but there's no harm in Olive trying to help, is there? She's got her wits, her sister's brains, and especially her 100-pound dog Boo, who gets along with everyone in town - except when she scares smaller dogs, or knocks people down, or eats cheese.

But when Boo Radley sniffs out another dead body, Olive learns that murder can happen anywhere, and that small-town quirks can lead to big-time danger. Welcome to Lockhart, the barbecue capital of Texas, where there's more than indigestion brewing.

©2012 Gretchen Lee Rix (P)2016 Gretchen Lee Rix
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