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All Hung Up: Bluegrass Single #1 Description

Taylor Jefferies fled the Hollywood spotlight and found herself helping the citizens of the small town of Keeneston. As luck would have it, the sexy man who caught her eye and found a place in her heart joined her at college that fall. She just had to graduate college, find a new job, and try to stay out of the media spotlight she'd grown to hate to make her happily ever after possible.

Trey Everett has done a lot of growing up since he left Keeneston for college. Now 26 years old and making a name for himself in the NFL, he has found true love. It's just as simple as asking America's Sweetheart, Taylor Jefferies, one little question to secure his happiness. The only problem stopping his fairy tale ending is that someone is determined to kill the mood... and the love of his life.

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