Black Mask

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Seduced by the Vigilante Description

There's a dangerous line between duty and desire.

Criminal analyst Catherine Farrow's investigation of a vigilante leads to an erotic encounter with him that leaves her tormented by her love for another man and her desire for a man who kills for justice.

Worn down by the misery she witnesses in her job and escaping a bad relationship, Catherine moves across the country to Kingston, New York to settle into a quiet hiatus. When she meets sensual and mysterious Tom, she delights in a new romance.

But Tom has secret upon secret, and as Catherine soon learns, some of them are deadly. He is Thomas Ambrose, exiled billionaire scion of a monstrously corrupt family, and his wealth and past aren't all that he is hiding.

After a series of execution-style murders of suspected child killers points to a blacked masked vigilante operating in New York City, Catherine is dragged into the case and must seek a greater understanding of the man behind these killings.

The Black Mask vigilante, meanwhile, is taking an interest in her...and their meeting takes a dangerous and sensual twist that rocks Catherine's world. Suddenly, she finds herself torn between two enigmatic and complicated men.

She is also in danger...the evil society, the target of the Black Mask's vigilante justice, is trying to kill her and stop her investigation. Which of the two men she desires will she choose to protect her? Or does she have a choice?

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