Bitter Creek Mail-Order Brides

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Montana Bride Description

When Karl Norwood' s mail-order bride meets an untimely demise on the way to the Montana Territory, Hetty Wentworth steps in to take her place. Hetty has no idea how she' s going to pretend to be all the things she isn' t - including the mother of two kids. She only knows her deception is necessary if she' s going to save two orphans from the awful fate she suffered as a child. Karl smells a rat when a much younger woman than he was expecting arrives with two children who look nothing like her. But his mail-order bride is so beautiful, he doesn' t object - until he realizes that his charming new wife has been lying...about everything. Can a woman forced to keep secrets and a man hindered by distrust ever hope to find happily ever after in each other's arms?

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    Couverture de Wyoming Bride
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