Billon Dollar Baby Mama

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Billion Dollar Baby Mama Description

To him, I'm almost certain I'm just another girl, another pretty face.

He's a billionaire, after all, able to have any woman he wants. And for my part, I'm not that hard up for romance either - I'm a model, capable of snaring nearly any straight male I have my sights set on.

But whether he likes it or not, the two of us now share a very significant connection, in the form of the baby the two of us made during a weekend long affair of passion at a resort.

Now, I'm at his doorstep, three months pregnant, and I have a feeling it's going to take just a little bit more than a capable tongue to snare this stud of an alpha....

Not suitable for anyone under 18.

©2016 Clark Moraign (P)2016 Clark Moraign
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