Barbara Holloway

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Sleight of Hand Description

When a seemingly simple case turns complicated, respected attorney Barbara Holloway must rethink her game plan. Gregarious Las Vegas entertainer and ex-con Wally Lederer claims he's turned his life around. But when Jay Wilkins, a childhood friend, accuses Wally of stealing a valuable artifact, it's up to Barbara to ferret out the truth. Wally swears he's innocent. But when a murder takes place and the police name Wally as their prime suspect, Barbara knows he is in serious trouble.

As Barbara begins to "dig up the dirt", she is shocked to learn that Jay's wife is now missing and that Jay himself is far from being the upstanding businessman he claimed to be. Before long, new evidence points toward an unlikely killer. But the truth that would protect her client could jeopardize another life she means to save.

©2006 Kate Wilhelm (P)2006 Blackstone Audio Inc.
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