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Sent back in time and reliving the genetic memories of his ancestors, Desmond Miles is on a mission. He and the Assassin's Creed, his trusted brotherhood, seek to bring peace and free will to all.

Assassin’s Creed was first developed by Ubisoft Montreal as an action-adventure style video game. The game's storyline features playable character Desmond Miles in his journey of discovery through a fictional past. As he travels back in time, he uncovers a secret society in which he is destined to play a part. Oliver Bowden's Assassin’s Creed series of books follows the same brave young character through epic battles against enemies like the Knights Templar and the Medjay. Together with fellow assassins, Miles and his brotherhood seek to protect history and uphold the free will of all, while taking on evil societies and devastating rivals set on making them disappear. 

Bowden weaves real historical figures and events with original drama and storylines for a tale that is gripping and exciting. The Assassin's Creed audiobooks have a constant sense of a race against time as Miles looks to right the wrongs of evil forces bent on control and power. The audiobooks are a masterful adaptation of the much-loved video games, and add a depth of story and character many die-hard fans of the franchise craved. Listeners will be swept away into a whirling world of danger and treacherous times. 

The audiobook series is narrated by both Gunnar Cauthery and Gildart Jackson, each expertly lending their voices to their original recording of the series. These strong voices paired with the solid storyline and dynamic characters make for an unpausable listening adventure. 

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