Ash Colter

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Gunsmoke Legend Description

Jack Page was a living legend - a Union Army sharpshooter, scout, Indian fighter, and US Marshal. Ash Colter, by contrast, was a mild-mannered orphan. They were complete opposites. And yet, theirs was a partnership forged in blood and destined to go down in history.

These were the men who survived the famous Snake River Shootout, the men who led Colonel George Armstrong Custer to one of his most controversial victories against the Cheyenne, the men who tamed the hell-towns of Kansas and Dakota Territory.

They were as close as brothers. It was said that one of them could not exist without the other. And yet, they were on opposite sides of the fence when the time came for the final bloody showdown. This time, the Gunsmoke Legends were at war with each other.

©1993, 2012 Ben Bridges (P)2014 David Whitehead
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