Art of Love

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Exploration of Himself Description

Also includes bonus stories.

For Nathan, what was his final show turned into something more. As a desperate artist, he yearned for someone to take a chance and sponsor his work. Of course, he never expected two hot billionaires to!

But of course, both these billionaires were enthralled. But they also wanted something more. When he learns what they really want, Nathan starts to grow nervous. He's never done this, and while he was a virgin, he knew that deep down, the aching desire for both would prove to overwhelm him.

Will the young virgin artist take a chance though? For him, this would change everything, and he knew he might lose it all if he's not careful. Of course, in his mind the efforts were worth it, and that's why he did it. The artist soon starts to fall down a hole of lust and pleasure, and he has no intention upon getting out of this at all.

Warning: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This book is intended for adults only!

©2017 Bethany Dayna (P)2017 Bethany Dayna
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