Appalachian Storms

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The Pawn Description

The old Sugaree Legend:

When evil threatens the people of Appalachia, the spirit of The Great White Tiger enters into a young woman to fight it.

When Katie first hears the legend, it warms her heart and sparks her imagination. She wonders what it would be like to turn into a tiger. She dreams about the tiger and meets a stranger who visits her every night when she sleeps.

Katie is scared and confused when she turns into a weir-animal. Her only solace is the stranger. Who helps her cope with her new reality. As their friendship grows stronger, she wonders if he is real. Until she unexpectedly meets him.

Now, she wonders if he is truly her friend. Or, is he a part of the evil she must fight against.

©2011 Dianna Kilpack (P)2016 Dianna Kilpack
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