An Apocalypse Family

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Family Reunion: When the Apocalypse Happens Only One Thing Matters...Family Description

A trip to the Pacific Northwest is interrupted by a deadly virus. Fighting to survive, fighting to reunite, Ryan Brant hasn't seen some of his family for 18 years and is flying into Seattle Washington to attend the family reunion. The Brant family is spread out across the country and all are headed to the reunion; some travel by car, some by air, and one in a high-end luxury Motor Coach. The South African Flu has brought the world to its knees, and the vaccine the CDC created has just made the situation worse, much worse. Join them as they try to find each other in a world that has collapsed around them and millions die of the flu, or wish they had.

©2015 Phillip DeBruyn (P)2016 Phillip DeBruyn
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