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Earth vs. Aliens Description

Jack Munroe grew up in the Asteroid Belt and learned to never take anything at face value. In space, you assume, you die. So when Aliens show up in the distant Kuiper Belt, out beyond Pluto, asking for a First Contact 'chat' with his crewmates on the comet hunting spaceship Uhuru, he warns his captain not to trust words but to get the heck away. His evolutionary biology studies have taught him that bright skin colors, shark-like teeth and talons mean these Aliens are star-traveling predators! But that violates the 'feel good' society promoted by Earth's Unity government. A bloody fight ensues and Jack realizes these Aliens are keystone predators aiming to add Sol system to their home territory. Jack leads a battle to ensure Humans will never be slaves to Aliens. If someone has to die to make space safe for humanity, then those dying will be Aliens! This combat Sci-Fi tale tells the story of Jack Munroe, crewman on a comet hunter spaceship that makes First Contact with 'Keystone predator' Aliens in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto. When his crewmates die in a trap set by the Rizen aliens, Jack and his buddy Max begin an anti-Alien crusade that defies the social orthodoxy of Earth's Unity government and puts their lives at risk.

©2014 T. Jackson King (P)2016 T. Jackson King
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