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A Bloody Day in Destiny Description

Something new and exciting from best-selling author Russ Towne. These are Western adventures that are filled with guns, guts, and the spirit of the Old West.

The past comes calling with a six-gun and a score to settle, and there’s no place to hide in “A Bloody Day in Destiny”.

An unwelcome sleeping companion holds the key to survival when two vengeful brothers catch up to the man who shot their brother in “I Hate Snakes”.

A lonely rancher gets much more than he bargained for when a beautiful woman with a secret past responds to his ad for a wife in a “Mail-Order Bride”.

An aging marshal faces a desperate young killer with nothing left to lose in “Peace”.

If you love the great Western adventures of Paul L. Thompson, C. Wayne Winkle, Robert Hanlon, and Scott Harris - you’ll love “A Bloody Day in Destiny” from Russ Towne!

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