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Combat for Custody Description

Combat for Custody is a light-hearted novel about a pair of spunky family law lawyers doing their best to solve a riddle and achieve justice for their clients.

Emma Parker and Morgan Price are Glock-toting, high-kicking divorce lawyers. In the course of investigating a child custody case, Parker and Price step on the toes of more than one crime syndicate, uncover a murder plot, and lock horns with the FBI. The duo meets the challenge with humor, wit, aplomb, and more than a little strip-mall karate-studio-acquired kickboxing. Interspersed with anecdotes from their other family law cases, Combat for Custody culminates in an international chase in an attempt to recover the kidnapped children. Unfortunately, Parker and Price are not the only ones in pursuit.

Combat for Custody is an entertaining tale that shows listeners that humor and perseverance can get one through difficult circumstances. Through the adventurous journey of Emma Parker and Morgan Price, listeners are able to then imagine themselves as strong and invincible when encountering their own struggles.

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