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A Narc's Tale, Vol. 1 of 4 Description

A Narc’s Tale is a four-book series that is a first-hand account of stories, written like a memoir or personal diary, which gives you an inside glimpse of what it is like working six years deep undercover in the dangerous drug world as a city cop (Vol. 1), county vice and narcotics investigator (Vol. 2 and 3), and special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (Vol. 4). Most undercover books only show this from one perspective, but you will get three here - city, county and federal - and realize the differences among them. 

This book series will tell you about incidents that almost cost me my career in law enforcement before it began, what led me to focus on drug enforcement, and how I blended in and dealt with dangerous and, often, violent criminals in an array of different environments working undercover. You will also learn about the emotional and mental effects of long-term undercover work on me and my family, as well as learn about the dangerous effects of drugs. I will show you how an undercover agent avoids using drugs literally being shoved in his face, escaping having guns pointed at him, posing as a hit man, infiltrating gangs, acting like a drug addict, avoiding plots to be killed, all while protecting loved ones and dealing with some of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world. 

Not only does this series expose secrets of the rare undercover world, but it provides an inside look at the ruthlessness of drug traffickers along with an array of other crimes that I unexpectedly got involved with during my investigations, like human trafficking, sex slaves, murder-for-hire, corrupt officials and politicians, and killing witnesses. The extensive efforts taken to authenticate and corroborate these real-life stories, through supporting documentation found in each book (more than 340 still images from covert body cameras and surveillance platforms, other photographs, scanned documents and newspaper articles within the series), is what separates this series of books from others in the genre. 

After explaining my upbringing and life-changing experiences that made me want to become a cop, I am thrust into a full-time undercover assignment unexpectedly as a city cop with zero undercover training. You will read how I learned about drugs, dealers, and undercover work by trial and error. After a year undercover and successfully taking out over 130 drug dealers, I was recruited to go work for a large Sheriff’s Office in the Vice and Narcotics Unit. Once in this unit, I learn much more and have a much larger jurisdiction in which to work. I finally get the proper training and my cases began to grow over the course of the next two books, to the point of making multi-kilogram purchases of drugs, posing as a hit man in a murder for hire, buying automatic weapons, etc. 

I start doing undercover work for the state and feds and run into police corruption issues. This is around the time I get married and start a family, all while being neck-deep in undercover work and the accompanying stresses. You will learn the mental effects this line of work takes on a spouse and how we overcame those things. Four years into my undercover career, I was hired by the feds as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). With the feds, I worked undercover on an unprecedented scale, dealing with multi-billion-dollar international drug cartels. The violence, death, and unsurmountable quantities of drugs and money were like nothing I had seen as a local police officer.

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