A Detective Cutter Mystery

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There are around 40 murders per day in the United States. It's not often that they are related. On a cold night in the suburbs of Philadelphia, an attorney returns home from a long day at work only to be gunned down getting out of his car. Two hours later and 20 miles away in southern New Jersey, a truck driver is shot while making a late night delivery. When the sun rises the next morning, many more unexplained homicides plague the Tri-State area.

With no connections between the crimes, at first they are assumed to be unrelated.

New Jersey State Detective Brendan Cutter, joins local Detective Vicky Glass to investigate one of the murders. When Cutter discovers that his case may be linked to many others, his theory on who is behind the killings terrifies him. But before they can produce a suspect, another body is found. Then another...then another....

©2014 Chris Blewitt (P)2016 Chris Blewitt
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