Nos trente ans : le spleen des millenials

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    • Bach and the High Baroque

    • De : Robert Greenberg, The Great Courses
    • Lu par : Professor Robert Greenberg Ph.D. University of California Berkeley
    • Durée : 25 h et 5 min
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    Though unappreciated in his own time, Johann Sebastian Bach has ascended to Olympian heights, the verdict of contemporary audiences long since overruled by succeeding generations of music lovers. But what makes his music great? In this series of 32 lectures, a working composer and musicologist brings his exceptional teaching skills to the task of helping you hear the extraordinary sweep of Bach's music. You'll understand the compositional language that enabled him to compose such extravagant, unbridled music while still maintaining precise control of every aspect - beat, melody, melodic repetition, interaction, and harmony.

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