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Ex-Navy SEAL CPO Grant Nilsson has spent enough of his life in the line of fire. There were only three ways you left that level of service - you were forced out, you burned out, or you died. He was right on the cusp of burning out when his superiors had nudged him towards retirement and he'd taken the honorable discharge for what it was. As fresh a start as he'd ever get, damaged as he was.

Carly Jackson had come out of law school idealistic and desperate to make a difference in the world. She wanted nothing more than to work in a little non-profit, helping the underdog take down the big guns. Five years on saw her working as a prosecutor for a criminal law firm, jaded and with a lot less faith in the world.

When a trio of ex-military end up at the center of a gang-related case, Grant is called in to testify as an expert witness. The AUSA prosecuting the men is Carly's mentor and Carly and Grant find themselves drawn to each other as the case stalls.

Right after Carly makes a break in the case, they find themselves under attack. Grant's skills are the only way they'll make it out of it alive.

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