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Truth Matters, Life Matters More

The Unexpected Beauty of an Authentic Christian Life
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Is there more to the Christian life than what you’re currently experiencing? Leading Christian apologist Hank Hanegraaff has dedicated his life to defending truth, because truth matters. However, his life and ministry were radically transformed by this three-word phrase: life matters more. 

In essence, Truth Matters, Life Matters More is two books in one. Because truth matters, Part 1 explicates the essentials of the Christian faith in a memorable way to equip listeners to communicate Christian truth. In Part 2, Hank explains why life matters more and how we can experience the height of human existence - union with God. Simply put, the map is not the territory. The menu is not the meal. We cheat ourselves of unadulterated union with Christ when we elevate the message above the Messenger. 

Truth Matters, Life Matters More is a modern classic and the magnum opus of one of the great theological minds of our time. Prepare to discover the unexpected beauty of an authentic Christian life. 

©2019 Hank Hanegraaff (P)2019 Thomas Nelson


"In this moving and compelling book, Hank Hanegraaff recapitulates the apologetic themes that he has spent decades honing and defending - from human origins, to the reality of the resurrection, to the reliability of Scripture. But, more than that, he shows how this vital defense of truth must be part of the larger cause of uniting our life with the life of God. This is a theme that for too long has been missed by millions of believing Christians. Hank shows, with characteristic precision, how the traditional Christian idea of 'deification' is not some doubtful sidelight, but represents the culmination of the Christian life, and the source of Christian unity. Whether you've read all of Hank's books, or none of them, I urge you to read this one." (Jay Richards, PhD, OP, assistant research professor at the Catholic University of America, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, executive editor of The Stream, and a New York Times best-selling author)

"The truth here is that salvation is so much greater than most people allow themselves to believe. We have been saved not only FROM sin, but FOR divine life. God has shared his inner life with us and made us partakers of his divine nature. This book tells how the Bible Answer Man arrived at the Bible's most important answer." (Scott Hahn, PhD, Chair of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville)

"Hank Hanegraaff's Truth Matters, Life Matters More is a wonderfully written reminder that we are made for more than merely knowing the truth about God - we are made to be Christ's brothers and sisters, and the Father's sons and daughters, through deification. This is a forgotten, deeply biblical truth that the early Christians well understood, and one that all Christians must recover." (Benjamin Wiker, PhD, author of many books including A Meaningful World and Professor of Political Science and Director of Human Life Studies at Franciscan University)

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Image de profile pour Nathan
  • Nathan
  • 15/11/2019

Evangelical, Please Read! Abundant Life Awaits!

This is the most comprehensive book on the historic Christian Faith and the path to abundant life that I have ever read.

Dear Evangelicals, In Part 2 of the book (Life Matters More), Hank uses some language that may seem troubling at first, BUT do not miss the true meaning and heart of what he is getting at as he talks about Deification/Theosis. Simply put, this is union with God, becoming like God, being so infused and filled with His Energies that we truly become sons of God and partakers of the Divine Nature, as Peter puts it.

The language of the ancient faith may seem troubling on first listen, but if you care about Truth, the deeper you look and more you search, you too will find it to be Biblically and historically accurate. It is our Lord Jesus Christ who said “Is it not written in your law: “I said - you are gods”? And then Jesus goes on to say (paraphrased) that if the Scriptures themselves call men “gods” - of whom the Scriptures merely came through, how can you call it blasphemy that I call Myself the Son of God?

The historic church has always been very clear about the firm line and distinction between God’s Essence and His Energies. We partake in His Energies ONLY...and are never united with His Essence. We become by Grace, what God is by Nature. We are truly “Christ-ians”, little Christ’s, or as Jesus Christ and the Scriptures proclaim: "gods" (not God).

This is absolutely mind blowing stuff that is a mystery beyond our comprehension! We can taste Him right here, right now and enter in to His Life. Oh, the glory of what God is going to truly do with us when we receive our new bodies and become “like Him” on that great, dreadful, and glorious day when He judges mankind and then makes all things new! What joy to become one with Christ, as He is One with the Father!!!! (John 17)

The Kingdom of God is right here and right now in the Church established through the Apostles - the historic, Orthodox Christian Faith. The original Church of Acts is still standing firm against the gates of hell... just like our Savior promised! It has a well marked path and a track record of Life in Christ, through being part of the Body of Christ and taking the spiritual life seriously, soberly and so very reverently. The Orthodox Church invites all to encounter God in the never ending dance of love within the Trinity! If you feel you are missing something in your Evangelical, Protestant faith, you are correct. The fullness of the Faith is right here, spelled out masterfully by Hank.

Hank has put his whole soul out in the open in this work and deserves SO much credit for this courageous book in the midst of a religious climate in America that is so caught up in the spirit of this age and has lost so much of the historic Faith of the Apostles. I plead with you to listen with a heart wide open...please don’t judge without searching further! Don’t find yourself outside of the Church of the 1st-21st century that has defended the Faith with their blood and lives and has lovingly handed you the Bible, the creeds, the doctrine of the Trinity, the 2 natures of Christ, and on and on. Much Love! May God bless all of you and shine His face upon you.

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Image de profile pour Powernoodle
  • Powernoodle
  • 12/11/2019

Frustrating at many levels

I have been a long-time listener of Hank Hanegraaff and the Bible Answer Man broadcast. Hank is the real deal, a font of knowledge and truly the most humble of humble. It is this deep respect for Hank that makes his recent conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy so disturbing. Many of his most closely held beliefs, and those which has has forwarded on the air and in his writings for decades, he now abandons. While many of these are secondary issues - his abandonment of the immaculate conception as an example, and quasi deification of Mary - what is most troubling is the central thesis of "Truth Matters": that we are "gods". This is a notion foreign to the Bible. This thesis derives from Hank's unfortunate characterization of early Christian believers as being "Holy Fathers" and their man-made dogma as "Holy Tradition". In reality, the early, first Century believers were far from Holy, but rather were mere fallen, imperfect men who grappled with the difficult issues of early Christianity. Hank's embrace of "Holy Tradition" as co-equal with biblical Truth leaves me shaking my head and wondering what happened to the real Hank. But Hank does communicate his views with grace, and accepts the non-orthodox as brothers in Christ. Nonetheless, it is very difficult to swallow Hanks views on so-called "chrismation", "deification" of believers and so on. The non-orthodox listen might want to skip this one. And the foreword sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom. You can hear the speaker turning her pages as she reads them. Low production value. As a result of Hank's departure from biblical Christianity, I no longer listen to Hank's podcasts and have unsubscribed from his publication. This saddens me greatly, but Truth does matter. I am returning this audio book.

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