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To the Best of Our Knowledge, 12-Month Subscription (English)

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Satisfy your hunger for new ideas with this interview show that explores the cutting edge of contemporary thinking in politics, religion, economics, science, the arts, and popular culture. Host Anne Strainchamps talks to some of the greatest thinkers, figures, and artists of our time. It's a radio salon where a playwright and a scientist, a theologian and a rock critic might all offer their views on, say, revenge. Inviting a diverse group of people with very different backgrounds to approach a subject creates a kind of depth and richness that's positively riveting. And each episode brings you two distinct topics!
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"One of those rare programs that informs people in an interesting way. I enjoy the different perspectives."
"I make a point of listening to the show on the radio. I will stay home if I have to." (listener feedback)

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  • Cora Judd
  • 08/05/2013

Kicking known science over a cliff

This appeared on the surface to be a thoughtful exchange of the best ideas on evolution. It's actually a small-town parade of the worst of creationist junk-science.

Daniel Dennett's and Richard Dawkins' words are artfully manipulated so that anyone unfamiliar with their highly respected works will presume that "evolution vs. creation" is hotly debated among scientists and philosophers. Additionally, Dawkins' and Dennett's professional caution is made to appear to be a lack of self-confidence in, (even a bit mocking of), science.

The creationists in this production are supposedly respected thinkers who don't want to embrace either side but are "forced" in the end, to give credence to creator-friendly scenarios. To succeed at this, they each kick the most basic concepts of science over a cliff.

I couldn't even recommend this to religious people, as reliance on so much misinformation will almost certainly make them an object of ridicule in any intelligent discussion.

I enjoy this topic but I resent the deception used here, beginning with the title. I've been a member of Audible since early days and I have a large library.This will be the first time I request a refund.

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