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Thick Rick

A Pornstar Romance
Durée : 5 h et 5 min

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He's all business...

They don't call me Thick Rick for nothing. I get paid to screw because I'm the best at it, and nobody is gonna stop me, especially Beth. She's my type, and I've got her crawlin' up the walls for me, but I'm drawing it out until she can't stand it no more. If she wants to write a story about Thick Rick, she's gonna have to work good and hard to get it.

He has 199 tally marks tattooed on his back. I have no intention of becoming number 200. I'm only taking this story because I need the money. I don't want anything to do with a pornstar, especially one as greasy and rude as Rick. Ever since he found out I was a virgin, he's been doing everything he can to sleep with me. I want it, but is it worth giving it up to someone like Rick?

What starts as a simple article about the porn industry turns into something much deeper and more complicated. When Beth asks Rick to teach her about sex, he's more than willing to dive right in. Can things between Thick Rick and Beth remain physical?

©2016 Elliott Kane and Davida Lynn (P)2017 Elliott Kane and Davida Lynn

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Image de profile pour Danni
  • Danni
  • 10/07/2017

Interesting enough

This isn't too complicated of a story. Rick is an over sexed porn star and Beth is a virgin wanting to write about the porn industry from a virgin's POV. She somehow finds herself in a love affair with Rick, learning about all the things she has seen but never felt. I thought it was interesting to see Beth explore her sexuality. I didn't really like the characters very much. Beth was a bit pretentious and Rick was insensitive and a times crude. I also thought that their relationship was a but rushed. Stories about Porn stars always seem to raise questions about monogamy, sexuality and how the two work within a relationship. Thick Rick was no acception. The arguments made are always interesting but this story as a whole was just okay. I probably would not recommend this book to anyone interested in a porn star romance

Lacy Laurel was okay but not amazing. I don't think Elliott Kane should have narrated his own book. His delivery wasn't the greatest and the recordings quality was poor.

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    3 out of 5 stars
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Image de profile pour Audiobookhoe
  • Audiobookhoe
  • 02/01/2018

Liked it, but wasn't as sex positive as my expecta

Definitely a different kind of romance. I was curious to what a romance book featuring a virgin with a man who literally tattoos the number of women his body has been in was going to be like. I think it had an intriguing premise, but the disappointment was that for a book that was "trying" to go for sex positivity, it wasn't very sex positive. The heroine had a mild change on the industry, but only because the love of her life was a porn star. I have a hard time believing if she hadn't fallen for him, her opinion would've still been the same. It was also weird how much she humanized him, yet all the other people in porn were talked about less than favorably. I think the hero was a good example of someone who didn't have the privilege of being educated or skilled in anything that could make a living as a day job, so it was weird how they kept going back and forth when she knew what she was walking into.

Going on to the hero...he wasn't that sexy, but even if he was, even as a pornstar he didn't seem very knowledgeable on how filming scenes worked. Loving on screen is often not filmed straight through, and often requires interesting occupations like "fluffers", and a lot of times egos make it difficult for women to have a real say on what they're comfortable about. I wish they'd added those particular items, as it would've brought a lot of humor to the whole thing. I think what made this book uncomfortable was how he talked about sex on screen, as if it were a real thing. I'm sure a huge number of porn stars do enjoy the scene(if they're able, days get long ya know?) but it was weird how after losing her virginity and declaring themselves a couple, he brags about boinking a girl at work. I think if this had been a polyamourous book, my feelings would've been different, but because the heroine wanted monogamy, even though it was for work, it made their first "time" less than.

It also felt like most of the pleasure was meant for him, I didn't get any sense that outside her attraction, that she could really orgasm so rapidly with such little effort. This is just me being nitpicky though. I did enjoy the novel, it was a great source of entertainment. It's not advertised as an interracial book, but those who care, it is one.