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Couverture de Rocket Girls Love Aliens

Rocket Girls Love Aliens

De : Alina Jacobs
Lu par : Zoe McKay,Patrick Zeller
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    There’s a hot alien male living in my apartment…and he hates my guts.

    Vidanric reminds me daily that he despises Earth and wants to go home.
    He’s miserable, and so am I—even though I can’t help but admire the view when he’s standing shirtless in my kitchen making a smoothie. Loudly. At three in the morning.

    My horoscope didn’t prepare me for any of this.
    He chewed up and ate one of the inspirational notes I gave him.
    He cooks squirrels in my cast-iron skillet.
    He complains nonstop about my annoying Earth-girl habits.

    This alien’s not grumpy—he’s downright hostile.
    All he wants to do is go back to his home planet.
    But it’s impossible for him to go home.

    So I do the next best thing and try to make him fall in love with something on Earth.
    But Vidanric doesn’t like it when I surprise him on a run.
    He snarls when I bake him cookies.
    And he growls when I strip off my clothes and convince him to do an interplanetary nasty.
    It might not be enough to make him fall for Earth.
    But I might end up falling in love with him.
    And that will be a planet-sized disaster.

    This is a stand-alone full-length laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, complete with hot, snarly aliens, enough steam to blast off a planet, and a heroine who loves her horoscopes as much as she loves her math equations! Happily ever after guaranteed!

    ©2022 Adair Lakes, LLC (P)2022 Adair Lakes, LLC

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      4 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Marta Azevedo
    • Marta Azevedo
    • 12/10/2022
    L'auditeur a reçu ce titre gratuitement

    Vidanric for the Win

    “You’re leaving?” I hissed, running after my friend.
    “Girl, I have five other aliens to parcel out, and we have work tomorrow, not to mention I did not drink enough craft cocktails earlier to deal with this Area 51 fiasco.”

    Dr. Ellen Kimura, meet the hottest, broodiest, grumpiest alien this earth has ever had the pleasure of knowing!
    Oh yes! I was so hoping that Vidanric and Ellen were next in this saga! And they did not disappoint.
    If I thought Kimmie and Cassius were hilarious, Vidandric and Ellen take the prize by miles away!

    Has a couple, they’re hilarious, have a chemistry that is off the charts and I love how they both go above and beyond to make the other happy (even if Vidandric doesn’t admit it in most of the book).

    “On Famirch, I was the top hunter, the protector of the tribe, the one who had dedicated his life and everything he was to the success of the clan. But now? Now I was little more than a house pet.”

    I love how the author, made Vidandric’s character suffer a little depression, self doubt… not knowing exactly what his place was after a huge change in his life. That makes Vidanric so much more relatable and human.

    “You don’t want me to live with you anymore,” he stated.
    I squirmed. Yes.
    “No, of course not,” I lied. “I love having houseguests.” Especially guests who never leave and cook squirrels and glare at you when you wash your face with gasp! water. “I just want you to be comfortable.”

    Loved this book, even more than the first one in the saga.
    Now I want to read the rest of them! When will we be graced with more Alien deliciousness Alina? Please make it quick! Pretty please!

    • Global
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Interprétation
      4 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Rose
    • Rose
    • 30/09/2022
    L'auditeur a reçu ce titre gratuitement

    What you don't want may be exactly what you need.

    I kind of loved this story. It's not your usual human falls for alien romance since the alien is super mad about where he is and where he wants to be. The story was entertaining and enjoyable with a lot of laughs, even when he was positive that there wasn't anything that he would like here. Frodo was awesome and a great addition to the story. Vidanric was sure that Frodo was food but Ellen said no. The antics between Frodo and Vidanric were lots of fun. Vidanric had been staying with Ellen since he and his friends had "arrived" on Earth. Ellen wanted to help Vidanric find something that he liked on Earth but he kept saying that he didn't like anything and wanted to go home. What he said didn't always match the way that he felt though. Ellen was dealing with guilt since she couldn't figure out how to get Vidanric home. She also had a lot of stress in her life. Ellen had great friends that were sometimes not so helpful but at other times they were great. Vidanric's friends were not helpful most of the time but occasionally they were helpful. The way that Vidanric figured out his feelings for Ellen was awesome and quite enjoyable. I liked how the story ended although I would have liked an epilogue further out as well. I'm a bit greedy like that. I recommend reading this book.

    Listening to the audiobook was harder for me. I had a difficult time with the female narrator's voice for Ellen. I liked her voice when she was doing other characters. The male narrator was great. I recommend listening to this audiobook.