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    Victor Bayne sees dead people for a living...and he sees them off the clock, too. After all, ghosts don't confine their appearances to a psychic medium's work hours.

    From the macabre to the mundane, from titillating to tender, these PsyCop shorts feature stolen moments between the novels. Get a glimpse of Vic's life with Jacob between cases, from both men's viewpoints. Gain new insight on their psychic talents by accompanying them on odd jobs, shopping runs and family visits, or simply enjoy some downtime in the cannery.

    The 20short works range in length from flash fiction to novelettes, woven together to create a novel-length narrative of Vic and Jacob's relationship from a fresh perspective. The stories are gleaned from various sources: anthologies, newsletters, and web, with four all-new pieces to tie the collection together and delve deeper into your favorite PsyCops' domestic life.

    ©2016 Jordan Castillo Price (P)2016 Jordan Castillo Price

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    Image de profile pour Morgan A Skye
    • Morgan A Skye
    • 11/01/2017

    So glad to see more of these guys!

    First, the timeline Jordan gives us helps with understanding both the flow and order of these stories.

    A Rough Timeline

    The PsyCop shorts differ from the main series in various ways: tone, pacing, even subject matter. Some of them don’t fit neatly into a specific slot in the series. Some of them may even contradict small facts from the main books. They’re tangents, really, bits of story that would warp the pacing of a longer book, but things that seemed to be worth exploring.

    Coffee O’Clock takes place soon after Among the Living, when Vic’s relationship with Jacob was still tenuous and new. A few months elapsed before Thaw, so it would be set betweenBody & Soul and Secrets. So would Stroke of Midnight, their first New Year’s together.

    No Sale is the first story that takes place after they move in to the cannery, so it’s after Secrets and Camp Hell. Most Likely To…, Let the Chips Fall, Off the Cuff and Memento all occur after the move-in. Vic’s baking effort marks their first anniversary together, so Piece of Cake occurred just after GhosTV.

    In the Dark, which expands on Jacob’s relationship with Keith, would be their second Halloween together, which puts it between GhosTV and Spook Squad. That would make Everyone’s Afraid of Clowns a future Halloween.

    The stories where Vic tangles with Crash happened closer to the beginning of their friendship. Mind Reader would be pretty early, in the Fall just after Criss Cross, but in Jock Straps they’re more comfortable together, so it’s the next Spring, after Body & Soul.
    Since Lisa is in town with Waiting Game, it happened during the gap between GhosTV and Spook Squad, which was the longest continuous stretch she was in Chicago.
    In Impact, Jacob is beginning to explore his own abilities, so that’s after Camp Hell. Wood and On the Road are set around the holidays of their second winter, and Vic is at ease with Jacob’s family by then, so they occur after Spook Squad, as do Locked and Loaded and Witness.

    Inside Out is a prequel set before Among the Living, but it wouldn’t be as interesting to read it chronologically. I think of it as a flashback episode of a sitcom where none of the characters know each other yet; the fun comes from viewing it through the lens of knowing that those ships passing in the night will eventually collide.
    These snatches of stories—vignettes and flashbacks, and a few longer meaningful moments that happened when the novels weren’t looking—form a mosaic of Vic and Jacob’s relationship that’s still recognizable as them, but shows the two of them in some new and unexpected colors.

    Coffee O’Clock
    This is a very cute "morning after" with Vic and Jacob. I love how little things bother Vic in this one that we see pop up again and again in other stories. (Like how Jacob is kind of a slob with his stuff!) We also get to see just how important Jacob is to Vic and how pivotal this time period is for them as a couple.

    This is just a sweet little story about Vic and Jacob being cute with one another and very loving. Also – ice skating!

    Mind Reader
    I’m not sure what this was about… but I’ll bet it plays out in the future. A little (weird) interlude between Vic and Crash.

    Stroke of Midnight
    Jacob ends up alone at a New Year’s Eve party at his ex’s house. He’s lucky, though, he ends up with Vic at Midnight.
    Very cute and the two of them are so sweet with one another!

    No Sale
    This is a quick shopping trip where Vic runs into a knife wielding ghost and Jacob shows us how much he trusts Vic.

    Most Likely To…
    I thought this was a fascinating look through Vic's eyes at himself and a nice little glimpse of the lengths Jacob will go to to find out more/support his love.

    Jock Straps On Sale
    As with Crash in general, I'm not quite sure where this was going... but it was funny!

    Piece of Cake
    Ha! This is a fun look at Vic and Crash and baking for Jacob!

    In the Dark
    This was a pretty fascinating look both at how Vic sees himself as compared to the rest of Jacob's friends and a little bit on morality and moral obligations. Really interesting.

    Let the Chips Fall
    Cute story about our boys buying paint.

    I think this is my favorite of all the little side stories. It is an amazingly sweet look at Vic through Jacob's eyes and it just GLOWS with his ardor. He loves Vic so, so much. Fascinating and so touching.

    I like seeing Jacob flexing his psychic "muscle".

    Everyone’s Afraid of Clowns
    What an interesting one! I loved the take on the haunted house and the eventual ghost hunt. (The castration zone was particularly disturbing!)

    Waiting Game
    Yes! One from Lisa's perspective! So fascinating. All the wondering. Si? No.

    On the Road
    Mr. Perfect not being perfect, though still perfectly charming.

    This is a fun "boys will be boys" side trip where Vic and Jacob are easy in their relationship and having fun. It was a blast!

    Off the Cuff
    A little bit more "boy humor" with our guys. :)

    Locked and Loaded
    I love both the psychic strength Vic shows here and the love he has for Jacob.

    Inside Out
    Technically this is a pre-quel to the Psycop series but I strongly recommend reading it after book one and before Thaw, so that’s where I’m going to place it. You’ll have already read book one, so you know Crash, Carolyn, Victor and Jacob.
    This is the first time Jacob meets Victor and hears about Crash. So interesting!
    This was a well crafted short story about a strange training exercise that ends up topsy turvy. And a little hot times!

    For fans of the series, some of these you'll have already read, so it's great having them compiled in one convenient package, but there are others here that are new and so much fun to read!


    I’m so glad we get a little bit more of Gomez Pugh doing amazing work and bringing Vic and Jacob to life! The end of the series was hard to see, so having these little clips to re-visit was a welcome gift! As I previously reviewed, Memento is still my favorite of the bunch. Jacob and Vic’s relationship is just showcased so perfectly and Gomez does a terrific job of showing us those feelings shared between them. His dry humor is just spot-on for Vic but the warmth in Jacob’s voice also speaks volumes.
    I loved having a whole “Lisa” story – I just love that accent! Of course, Crash is wonderful – as usual. And we get the whole host of other amazing voices that we’ve already fallen in love with!
    For fans of the series, the author and the narrator – this is a must buy! If you haven’t experienced the joy that is this series – you have to start at book one – but you’ve got a wonderful experience ahead of you!

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    Image de profile pour Jesi Lea Ryan
    • Jesi Lea Ryan
    • 02/01/2017

    JCP + Gomez Pugh = Magic

    Where does PsyCop Briefs, Volume 1 rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

    The PsyCop series in audio is the most consistently enjoyable series I have listened to. The combination of JCP's characters and storytelling mixed with Gomez Pugh's voice always hits the spot.

    What did you like best about this story?

    I love the small, stolen moments between Vic & Jacob.

    Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

    The humor in the PsyCop books always makes me laugh out loud. It balances out the darkness of the stories beautifully.

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      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Jillian MacLeod
    • Jillian MacLeod
    • 08/01/2017

    Gomez Pugh's narration is always a joy

    Any additional comments?

    I've already reviewed the ebook version of this, and everything I said there* applies to this edition, as well, but I have to add that Gomez Pugh's narration is always a joy. He gives the characters distinct, individual voices that make it immediately clear who's speaking without making them over the top or ridiculous. Listening to him read the stories in this anthology was like experiencing them for the first time all over again.

    *My review of the ebook version from Goodreads/Amazon:

    Typical of Jordan Castillo Price's work, this collection of short stories set in the PsyCop universe captures the imagination. I love the mix of slice-of-life vignette and mini case stories; together they give a sense of Vic and Jacob as three-dimensional human beings who are more than just the sum of their gifts or their romance. I particularly liked "Waiting Game," a short piece from the point of view of Vic's former partner, Lisa Gutierrez, that's both an outside perspective of Vic and Jacob's relationship and a peek into what life is like for someone who can know anything they want...so long as that knowledge can be gleaned from the answer to a yes/no question. Honestly, I'd love to see more from Lisa's POV, but I suspect that—from the perspective of an author—her psychic gift is one that's tremendously difficult to write about.

    Overall, this is an excellent anthology that I heartily recommend to anyone who's a fan of the PsyCop books.

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    Image de profile pour Tracy64
    • Tracy64
    • 28/12/2016

    ALWAYS a 5 star rating!

    Just when I think she can't top the last book, she does it again!! I enjoy this series so much. And the narrator is spot on. Gomez Pugh IS these characters. He is amazing!!! This combination of writer and narrator is a winning team.

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      4 out of 5 stars
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    Image de profile pour Ronja
    • Ronja
    • 23/07/2021


    I liked this collection of short stories very much.
    Very fun and creative introduction by Vic!
    And a wonderful performance by Gomez Pugh, as we’re used to (we’re spoiled!)
    I liked that each short story had it’s own chapter, but I would have liked it even more if the chapters were named after their short story title, not just by chapter number. (makes it so much easier to listen back to/ find a specific story)

    My 3 favorites :

    - Waiting Game (chapter 15, 8 minutes)
    I love Lisa, so this little inside in her thoughts was wonderful.
    I loved getting to hear how the si-no works in her own head/ how they impacts her thoughts.

    - Inside Out (prequel, chapter 20, 28 minutes)
    I listened to this collection after listening to Skin after Skin (PsyCop 8) and I absolutely loved that we get to witness the moment Jacob sees Crash’s photo on Carolyn’s phone (and he of course doesn’t let it go).
    Not to mention Jacob sees Victor for the first time and we get to hear his first impressions.
    And Victor being his normal grumpy, awkward, food spilling self, haha

    - Witness (chapter 21, 1 and a half hour)
    The anthology ends with ‘Witness’ and I think that was a good choice. Very strong story, I enjoyed it very much.
    It felt like this could have been a (full length) book.

    If you like the series, I think this is a must-have (must-listen!)

    I got this Audio Book for free (thanks!). I'm voluntarily leaving this review.
    Opinions and ratings are my own and not influenced by how I got the Audio Book.

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      5 out of 5 stars
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      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Troy
    • Troy
    • 14/10/2020

    Great Collection

    These stories, some very short, some longer, show just how well the author knows her characters. Some great slice of life type stories, some great mysteries, all entertaining. Great narration.

    • Global
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Interprétation
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Kimberly Kniaz
    • Kimberly Kniaz
    • 22/09/2020

    Psycop Briefs, Volume 1

    Omg this audio book was absolutely positively amazing. I would highly recommend this audio book.

    • Global
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Interprétation
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Eugenia
    • Eugenia
    • 17/11/2018

    A delightful and illuminating collection of shorts!

    Want to get to know your favorite PsyCops a little bit better? Are you a PsyCop dan? If the answer is yes, then YOU NEED THIS COLLECTION!!!

    I thought I was fine not digging in to these side stories, snippets, and moments. Was I ever wrong!!! I loved all of these shorts. Some were funny, others sexy, curious, gruesome. What they all had in common, though was Vic and Jacob, narrated by the incomparable Gomez Pugh!

    • Global
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Interprétation
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Shin Mon Thway
    • Shin Mon Thway
    • 08/10/2018

    Greatest couple ever

    OMG! I can’t even begin how much I love the collection of these short stories. 😱😍 This is truly remarkable. I listened this in a day so you can see how enthralled I was. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vic and how adorably quirky and endearingly awkward his POV is. 😁 But it was truly refreshing to see other characters’ POVs in this book, especially Jacob’s! Oh, how I love that extremely macho and lovingly protective that man is! 😍 You see the story in a whole different way when the narrator of the story changes. And that was what this collection is all about. I enjoyed all the short stories in this book but there are a few that really stood out for me. Surprisingly, “Wood” is my favorite in the collection despite being Vic’s POV because I was really sure “The stroke of Midnight” going to be my favorite before I got to “Wood”. 😁

    The reasons why “Wood” is my favorite. It was I-almost-peed-myself funny. So hilarious yet so romantic and sweet. 😌 And don’t forget sizzling smut! 🔥 Ah, backroom quickies just became my favorite kind of quickie and it was lovely to see both Vic and Jacob reminiscing their first time together. Super adorb! 💜

    My second favorite is “The stroke of Midnight”. Well, obviously, is Jacob’s POV (OMG! I’m still screaming with joy rolling butt naked in my bed 😂👏). And because it’s so soooooooooooo romantic. ❤️ I have been telling this for a long time but I’m going to again, guys, Vic is a hopeless romantic! 😁 And he really really loves Jacob like Jacob is GaGa over him. 😉

    Third favorite is “Thaw” because I am a sucker for winter romance and festive spirits. 😌 And it was so adorable, beautiful and lovely between them. Loved it! 😘

    You really learn so many things about these two in this collection. We can see how Vic is selfless and always ready to help others even at the expense of his own life and how even always unflappable Jacob has insecurities. And the stolen intimate moments between these two are just too precious and beautiful. 😍 And oh, I forgot to tell you, “Mind Reader” Vic and Crash’s short trip the museum was so damn funny. 🤣 I love the dynamic and ongoing bromance between those two. 😁 I wish we’d still get another shorties anthology of Vic and Jacob in the future because man, I hereby declare these two my favorite couple ever in urban fantasy/ paranormal genre! Loved, loved it and can’t recommend this one enough! 👍

    5 Because love is the greatest gift of all stars

    • Global
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Interprétation
      5 out of 5 stars
    • Histoire
      5 out of 5 stars
    Image de profile pour Susanna Goodin
    • Susanna Goodin
    • 05/02/2017

    Great glimpse of those moments between the novels

    What did you love best about PsyCop Briefs, Volume 1?

    We all know that in a multi-volume series there is stuff that happens between books. The relationship grows, interactions become more fluid, things get more complex. To have an entire volume of "briefs" -- short stories, vignettes, alternate narrators-- is such an indulgence. Here's this world that we love enough to stick with it through several novels and then there's more! And so once you have the briefs, you get to re-read the novels and have them be changed and thus seen through new eyes and a more fleshed-out backstory.

    Plus, occasionally, there is just a sweet slice of life that satisfies our desire to know more but wouldn't really fit into a larger narrative.

    What was one of the most memorable moments of PsyCop Briefs, Volume 1?

    All of the briefs, my favorite is one of the earliest that Jordan Castillo Price gave her readers, and that is Thaw.

    First time to see Vic happy and playful. First time to see Vic and Jacob just being a couple with nothing bad going on around them.

    Which character – as performed by Gomez Pugh – was your favorite?

    Vic. OMG, Vic.

    I have listened to other audiobooks narrated by Gomez Pugh and I find him to be an excellent voice actor. He handles various accents well. He may be the best male narrator I've heard when it comes to performing women's voices. But hand's down, it's Vic.

    The character of Vic and the voice of Pugh is a perfect meld.