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De : Dr. Lesley Phillips: Spiritual Teacher intuitive Mentor and Author
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  • Unlocking Your Truth is a talk radio show that brings you information on intuition, psychic abilities, chakras, metaphysics and spirituality to uplift, inspire and expand your concept of reality. We explore intuitive gifts, mystical experiences, paranormal occurrences, and supernatural phenomena. Listeners can request subject matter by writing to You can have personal questions answered intuitively by Dr. Lesley and her guests. Hosted by Dr. Lesley on Tuesdays at 7 pm on CIVL 101.7 FM in the Fraser Valley BC.
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    • Mar 14 2023

      You can channel healing messages from your spirit guides, angels, and all other non-human beings. Learn how to channel spirits.

      Are all the channeled messages you receive from guides healing messages? Spirit guides, angels, and archetypes are all benevolent. They want only the best for you. In turn, you can consider the channeled meaning of their messages to be healing or helpful in some form. However, in saying that different guides have different purposes.

      Types Of Spirit Guides

      Like with living teachers over the years, as you evolve spiritually, your Vibration has shifted. As you change, your needs change. And in turn, the spirit guides that come forward will do so also. You will work with different guides, depending on what your focus is. And when you are dealing with healing the body, emotions, or Spirit, you will receive healing messages and assistance.

      So you all channel. Every single human being is, first and foremost, spiritual in nature. Each of you has a personality. And that personality is a channeled entity. Who you are as a personality is not who you are on a Spirit level.

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      55 min
    • Mar 7 2023

      Do you feel gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life? How do you show gratitude? Do you have a gratitude attitude? So why is gratitude so powerful?

      Do you express gratitude and appreciation regularly? Yes, these two actions can make your life and others' lives much more fulfilled. And everyone wants to feel more fulfilled? When someone expresses gratitude towards you, it also creates gratitude and thanks within you. This sense of gratitude transmission is very important and one of the many reasons I chose this topic. We've been doing this podcast for more than seven years. And once in a while, someone surprises me. This week was one of those times.

      An Active Gratitude Display

      A lady wrote to me, saying, "Thank you so much. for everything you've given. Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me. And I would like to give back to you." And, this lady offered me some things which I greatly appreciated. It lightened my heart.

      These gratitude examples happen in my life every once in a while. Occasionally I will receive a gift or some form of display of gratitude and appreciation. And it means the world to me. Knowing I have made a difference for or touched someone enough for them to reach out to me with a show of thankfulness makes such a difference. I feel very appreciative of it. Their appreciation of me causes a powerful sense of gratitude in me. What a wonderful circle this creates, and the best part is that it is so easy to do.

      Please visit the website to read the rest of the article as well as access some special gifts for you to enjoy How Are You Expressing Gratitude And Appreciation In Your Life

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      57 min
    • Feb 28 2023

      Are you familiar with the metaphysical world? Metaphysics is still a mysterious world to most. Get your metaphysics questions answered.

      Have you ever had any questions relating to the metaphysical world? My definition of metaphysics includes everything, life, the Universe, and everything from a spiritual perspective. It could be something related to past lives, future lives, galactic connections, different spiritual experiences, or your psychic abilities in general.

      Basic Spiritual Metaphysical Philosophy

      Many of you use the term metaphysics or spiritual metaphysics when discussing religion. But metaphysics is not a religion, nor is spiritual metaphysics. When it comes to metaphysics, it is such an all-encompassing word.

      Everything we are has to do with this elaborate term. The simple explanation of metaphysics, combined with spirituality, is looking at life and acting in life through spiritual eyes wearing a pair of quantum physics glasses. One of the central notions is familiar to you. It is the concept that you are a mass of energy. This energy is the same that makes up the whole universe and everything in it. Energy can be influenced, and it is eternal. In essence, it never dies or dissipates. It just alters form.

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      56 min

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