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“We’re probably going to lose. Why should we even try?”
“Trying gives us purpose. Sometimes trying is the whole point.”

The Grays have won. 

Despite resistance from Tavi Malin and the rest of the Golds, Konner Burrell and his puppet king now rule Cormina. Knowing their lives are in danger, the fugitive Golds have gone into hiding. 

Tavi bides her time, striving to craft the perfect strategy to defeat the Grays. But when Konner’s people begin killing innocents, Tavi realizes the battle for her nation’s freedom cannot wait. 

As gray magic infiltrates the land, the Golds plot to lure Konner into one final confrontation. 

But Tavi isn’t only fighting to liberate Cormina, she’s also struggling with her own future - and how her friend Tullen fits into it. 

It’s hard enough for Tavi to risk her life. She must also decide if she will risk her heart. 

Join the Golds for the magical conclusion to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy. Pick up Facing the Fire today!

©2018 Carol Beth Anderson (P)2018 Carol Beth Anderson

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  • 26/11/2018

Will it be worth it just to have tried? Definitely

I am very grateful to the author for a copy of this audio book in exchange for my honest review. Facing the Fire is a culmination of the Sun-Blessed Trilogy. Like the first two novels the descriptions of the environment and events have exquisite detail, allowing one to imagine being part of the experience. The internal reflection and thoughts of the characters is still a strong component and the question of how a decision might impacts both oneself and others is considered. As I titled this review, "Will it be worth it just to have tried?" is a question that Tavi asks herself as she makes decisions throughout the novel and it seems like an important question for young adults today to reflect on as well. Both of these aspects are key elements of growing up, but I think are likewise lost on our culture today. There were a few places in the novel where I felt like it dragged a little with the same idea being replayed, but reflecting at the end, I'm not sure how I would have changed those scenes. The integration of worldview, history, faith and morality is masterfully done. The interplay of good vs. evil is well woven. While reading this series I also happened to be studying spiritual gifts and I reflected on how the magical gifts of the characters might allude to spiritual gifts in the Church - how people work both individually and collectively for the sake of the Gospel. This might be over-interpreting the novel, but it was a cool connection for me. Without hesitation I would recommend this novel and this series to those who enjoy an interplay of historical ideas, a bit of fantasy, deep character development, conviction and traditional family values.

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